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It is necessary to notice that at adiabatic reversible process entropy does not change as at adiabatic expansion of gas at the expense of increase in volume entropy increases, however due to reduction of temperature which thus happens, it decreases and these two tendencies completely compensate each other.

Now there is a set of the parameters characterizing this or that society. But the majority of these parameters, eventually, is reduced to two types: the parameters characterizing open democratic society, and the parameters describing totalitarian systems.

Concept of information the very thin. As we see, it can also find a role of some kind of environment which existence is supported by separate parts of system — Wednesday from which these parts receive concrete information of how to them to function coherently, kooperativno. And at this level semantics goes into action.

From the Greek entropia - turn, transformation. The concept of entropy was for the first time entered in thermodynamics for definition of a measure of irreversible dispersion of energy. Entropy is widely applied and in other areas of science: in statistical physics as a measure of probability of implementation of any macroscopic state; in the theory of information - a measure of uncertainty of any experience (test) which can have different outcomes. All these treatments of entropy have deep internal communication.

On the other hand irreversibility of the proceeding physical processes and our life is the fact. From this position use of concept of entropy of not physical disciplines for the characteristic of a condition of system is quite justified.

Thus we see richness of the concept "information". I think that the future of this concept will develop in the section of self-organization of difficult systems, as the synergetic direction presently — one of the most perspective and low-investigated.

Recognition of images — process extremely cooperative, as well as the speech and thinking at people. It is obvious that all these highly coordinate, coherent processes become possible only by exchange of information which has to be made, transferred, accepted, processed, transformed to new forms of information and has to participate in exchange of information between various parts of system and at the same time between various hierarchical levels. So we come to an immutable conclusion that information is decisive an element of existence of the life.

Democracy - not the best control system. But, on - visible, it is one of necessary degrees of freedom. At detailed research it is possible to calculate quantity of degrees of a personal freedom, necessary for development. Search is also not desirable. In this case separate parts of society gain too big independence that can lead to disintegration whole on separate independent components.

Somehow to describe orderliness of any system, physics needed to enter the size, function of a condition of system which would describe its orderliness, degree and parameters of an order, self-organization of system.