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"I thought up a new lamp, or an electric candle, extremely a simple design. Instead of placing coals against each other, I place them nearby and I divide by means of the isolating substance. Both top ends of coals are free". Yablochkov's candle consisted of two cores made of dense rotor coal, located in parallel and divided by a plaster plate.

Halogen glow lamps succeeded. Use of halogens allowed to increase considerably service life of a thread of an incandescence and thereof, to make lamps of bigger power. Still in the majority of the released cars halogen glow lamps are used to head light.

For the purpose of increase in service life of digit lamps (the reason of failure was, as a rule, connected with electrodes) electrodeless luminescent lamps are developed. Here it is possible to carry high-frequency compact electrodeless luminescent lamps, electrodeless lamps in the form of a round, microwave electrodeless sulfuric lamps.

· creations the simplest by the principle of an arc lamp – the electric candle which at once received broad practical application, which was generally recognized and caused progress of all electrical equipment;

At a meeting of the congress listeners gave a hostile reception to the message of the French physicist Marcel Depre who introduced the heretical idea of possibility of transfer of the electric power on long distances. This message was quoted as a quite good joke, an amusing utopia.

· inventions of ways of inclusion of any number of electric candles in the chain fed by one generator of electric current. To P. N. Yablochkov's invention of it were not able to do at all, each arc lamp needed in separate a dynamo car;

The end to development of glow lamps was put by the American inventor Thomas Alvah Edison. In its lamps the same principle, as at Yablochkov was used, however all device was in a vacuum cover which prevented fast oxidation of an arch and therefore Edison's lamp could be used rather long time.