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At creation of a brand experts suggest to remember always positioning of goods and the strategy developed for this brand. You should not overload a brand with a set of ideas - it is necessary to choose one the most valuable and to inform it to consciousness of the consumer.

When forming idea of a brand follows, as much as possible to have a clear view of target audience, and it is not abstract, and on concrete examples. It is necessary to imagine that wanted by target audience - that interests it, than is fond as looks about what speaks.

As the goods existing in the market are extremely various according to the characteristics, appointment, scope of application and the satisfied requirements, and the branding methods applied to these goods are also absolutely various. First of all, distinctions in goods define a choice, what brand should be created - commodity or corporate. Corporate trademarks of distributors most often meet in sector of consumer goods - the company gives to goods the name causing trust.

It is necessary to consider that as TZ the designations contradicting according to the contents to public interests to the principles of humanity and morals cannot be registered. Also the designations which are false or capable to conduct in delusion of the consumer are not registered.

The corporate style in broad understanding is use of the only principles of registration, color combinations and images for all forms of advertizing (in the press, on radio, television, official papers, technical and other types of documentation, office, and sometimes and clothes of employees.

Styles of a logo can be different. Drops, simple geometrical primitives, motives of spirals, images of animals, "hominifying" of a sign or object, photographic exact images, not interrupting line are the most widespread. At design of a logo use of styles assumes investment with its various effects, but, generally, are applied to fast formation of image of the company by creation of an image.