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3 brilliant tips to read a scientific article

In this case these alternative technologies - chemical neutralization with the subsequent biological degradation of products of reaction (the method accepted for limited number O in one case and with application of yet not chosen technology of the second step - in other.

Rain water in pools from above is covered with a yellow film. From it on skin there are a rash, blisters which are followed by a strong itch. Quite recently, in June, the yellow rain which destroyed everything that grew in itself dropped out or was put: potatoes stalks, sheets, apple-trees.

As for a choice the "simple" processes which are not demanding difficult processing equipment with a low temperature and pressure and therefore as if more reliable, especially if the production cycle can be preryvny (for prevention of accident or for control) are the public of alternative technologies, for it preferable.

The only advantage of the report of V. Sheluchenko at meeting consists that the thesis about exclusive advantage of expensive processing of myshyakosoderzhashchy OV (a lewisite with receiving superpure arsenic was lowered. At meeting there were domestic experts in technologies of processing of myshyakosoderzhashchy OV - A. Zorin, V. Petrov who do not have groundless illusions of rather world market of this element, and offering effective development of the rational technologies translating arsenic in safe and well deposited connections.