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Efficiency of capital utilization in general. The capital in general represents the sum of current assets, fixed assets and NMA. Efficiency of capital utilization is best of all measured by its profitability. Level of profitability of the capital is measured by percentage of balance profit to capital size.

However the economic entity can not always provide completely itself with own financial resources and therefore widely uses loan and borrowed funds as the element supplementing self-financing.

the comparative (spatial) analysis is as the intraeconomic analysis of summary indicators of the reporting under separate indicators of the enterprise, branches, divisions, shops, and the intereconomic analysis of indicators of this enterprise in comparison with indicators of competitors, with the industry average and average economic data;

There is diverse economic information on activity of the enterprises and a set of ways of the analysis of this activity. The financial analysis according to financial statements is called a classical way of the analysis. The intraeconomic financial analysis uses data on technical training of production, standard and planned information and other data of system accounting as information source.

As a result of the carried-out analysis serious problems in financial and economic activity, such as were revealed: insolvency of the enterprise, low of services, total absence of own current assets, etc.

Efficiency of use of current assets are characterized, first of all, by their turnover. Turnover of means is understood as passing duration by means of separate stages of production and the address. Turnover of current assets is estimated lasting one turn in days or quantity of turns for the reporting period